Why A Gut Health Diet Is Essential! (PLUS the #1 nutrient for healthy GUT microbiome)


Are you eating just to address hunger, but forgetting to feed the most important part of your body that’s impacting every area of your health?

When you’re discussing your health with your doctor, diet rarely comes up. And when you are talking about GI issues, blood sugar, blood pressure, and other health concerns, if a diet comes up, it’s usually to eat a balanced diet and get some exercise.

Eating right has such a huge impact on all of these health concerns, and most people are nutritionally deficient. The first thing I discussed with my patients is their diet. Food is medicine. Dietary changes, promises the strongest solution to restoring health and the gut microbiome, which is the core of our immunity and hormone balance.

Microbiome balance can change dramatically within 24 hours. In order to have more of a temporary shift, we need to change our diets permanently:

  1. Shifting away from ultra processed foods, to a diet that comes from Whole Foods will create whole body changes and changes to our microbiome.
  2. Consuming more prebiotic rich foods is part of the answer. Prebiotics are the foods for the microbiome.

If you have poor immunity, if you’re always getting sick, or if you have GI issues, diabetes, high blood pressure, brain fog, you name it – remember to focus on your gut health!

My specialty is healing the gut and immune system through integrative and functional medicine – that’s right, I’m on a mission to get people healthy without harmful, toxic and expensive prescription drugs.

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