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What Is Microbiome AND Why Over The Counter Drugs Are Not The Solution

Do you think over-the-counter drugs are safe because you don’t need a prescription?

Think again.

Most OTC drugs are very harmful to your gut health –the core of your immune function and more. What’s worse is they don’t begin to address the root causes of why you feel “off”.

Let me explain…

Most over the counter drugs are created to treat symptoms only, and not deal with the root causes. They only mildly decrease the symptoms, but they can worsen your gut health in the process. When people are suffering from acid reflux, there are often several reasons why.

  1. Many times acid reflux comes from not having enough stomach acid to digest the food in your stomach. It can literally cause a backflow from undigested food and a loosening of the opening of your stomach to your throat.
  2. Taking antacids lowers your stomach acid because then it can allow for overgrowth of bacteria that are usually destroyed by your stomach acids efficiently. These can allow bacteria overgrowth and pathogens to take cold more easily.
  3. Overeating and eating foods you’re sensitive to can cause acid reflux and masking the pain with antacids or ppis and painkillers just allow the underlying issue to get worse.
  4. Masking the real real cause of your acid reflux or GERD with over the counter drugs is harmful because they can develop into more serious conditions like leaky gut.
  5. The class of over the counter painkillers known as sets or non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs have some startling side effects. Even though popping them for a headache may seem safe, they may be responsible for 107,000 hospital stays, and over 16,000 deaths every year.

I have the tools you can use to support your gut. It may feel that medications are necessary evil, and you may be convinced that you just have to live with their side effects. But you do have other options, you can use safer alternatives and make lifestyle changes.

My specialty is healing the gut and immune system through integrative and functional medicine – that’s right, I’m on a mission to get people healthy without harmful, toxic and expensive prescription drugs.

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